We're living in a world where we have a multitude of digital identities, profiles and work that represent different aspects of our lives. We have blogs, emailaddresses, @usernames and all kinds of accounts at services, that are unique to us as individuals.

These "identities" sometimes internally link to eachother; posts asking for follows on other accounts, reposts/shares and links in profiles etc. However, these electronic aspects of us never congeal like they do in real life. They stay flat and seperated, with us having to "advertise" our other channels to let our friends/followers get the whole picture of who we are.

Some services, like and Facebook, use their own proprietary approach to solve this problem, to become the one and only center of our digital lives; but often end up as being just yet another service, yet another username and webaddress to share. Most importantly, they are commercial entities, creating profit out of directly or indirectly (ads) selling information about their users.

What if…

…it was possible to create relationships between all these digital aspects of us; connect the dots to reveal the whole?

A simple, distributed and decentralized solution deeply ingrained in the internet itself.

Among other things, you'd be able to…
…like/​follow people/​organisations without the information being throttled by whether or not an intermediate service (like Facebook) is getting paid.
…get notified when someone you follow switch/add accounts/services.
…have your addressbook automatically stay up to date.
…have perfect control/​overview of your own data.
…not have all your social networking interactions tracked, and sold.

You would have "social", without the necessity of it being powered/​controlled by third party social media/​networking corporations.

Next step

After a long time in development, MetaURL is getting ready to make internet itself social; take the power of the social media giants, and return it to the users.

MetaURL is distributed and decentralized, similar to services like DNS, email and the web.

Stay connected directly with friends, customers, businesses and events; get the information you want, when you want it and from the sources of your choice. No secrect algorithm filtering away data.

Your data, your rules; and 100% FOSS.


To remain independent MetaURL is financed by donations only.

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